Yeah, something is wrong.

Not sure what is wrong, but for sure something. My feet and ankles keep swelling uncontrollably. These pictures don’t even do it justice.


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I got it!!!!

A BIG thanks to my mom and dad! They are the best! They really did get me the vacuum I have been wanting. I am so happy and so excited to try it out on Tuesday after doing hair! It will be so great to not have to sweep up the hair anymore!!! Hooray!!!!

Thanks Mom and Dad!


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Even more pics of our fun times!

Ha ha! Look at the drool coming down her chin!!

Lily kept showing me her cartwheels. She was making me sick with how many she was doing.

The next several pictures are all pretty similar. But all of their faces are so funny. I just had to post them.

I love how Spence and Zach are just looking at eachother in this picture!

and it all started falling apart!!!

Here are some more that are so similar, but love the facial expressions!



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Jeff and Ashley came to visit

Jeff, Ashley and the kids came to visit for a few days and we had SO much fun. It was so great to spend time with them and the kids.I cannot believe how grown up they are.

Ha ha! Spence wanted me to put a temporary tattoo on his forehead. He asked so cute… so I couldn’t say no! He looks crazy though! Oops!

I am SO in love with this little one!

The kiddos all played together so well.

Looks like the swing is Lily’s diaper!!!!

These two are so flipping cute!

I was not able to get pictures of everyone. Specifically Jack. Every time I tried to take his picture he got upset. But he is such a cute little guys as well.

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Happy Birthday to me?

I really really really want this dyson hand held vaccum. My birthday is in just a few days…. anyone want to buy it for me?

It would be PERFECT to use to clean up after cutting hair and then I wouldn’t have to mess with changing the bags and all that crap! I really want this! So cute and I know it would be so much more convenient. Plus… this one is pink!!!

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Wedding hair

I got to do Kristi’s hair for her wedding. She was the most calm bride I have ever seen. Totally chill about everything. It made it a lot easier to do her hair. I always get worried to do hair for a wedding. If the bride hates it then she’ll hate me for the rest of her life cause she’ll always remember her wedding day and if she hates her hair its a big deal. Thankfully Kristi was great!


It turned out really cute! Up Do’s are a lot of fun.

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You are never too old to fall in Love!

Grandma Meyer got married yesterday! It was so cute. She is 91 years old and married a guy that proposed to her 70 years ago in Germany. How cute is that! She was so happy and had the biggest smile all day. It was a long and exhausting day for her. But everything turned out really well.

Here are a ton of pictures from the day.

The wedding cake

I LOVE how happy she is! It was so cute to see her with such a big smile on her face

Could you not just die! Look at my adorable Junie-Bug!

I am just in love with this baby girl and look at those eyes!

The happy couple!

Alli Made the bouquet and the centerpieces. She did such a great job.

Signing the marriage license

Grandma had Lani cut the wedding cake for her.

Eating flowers



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Alarms just don’t work for me!

Did it again…. I really need to figure out how to make my body wake up. I am such a deep, deep, deep sleeper and it is killer for me to wake up. I woke up at 6:40 again this morning and did the same routine as yesterday…. Ran around getting ready as quickly as possible, sped to work and ran in the building.


 The problem today was that my giant water jug opened while I was driving when I turned a corner and was spilling all over the place. The water was dumping out SO fast and I couldn’t do anything about it for a minute. I was so ready to turn around and go climb back into bed. But I came to work and ran in. This time I was able to clock in on time. Thank goodness! After clocking in I had to go out to my car with a huge thing of paper towels and attempt to soak up the water. Not the best way to start my day.

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So I was truly struggling SO bad in life. I hated my singles ward and was miserable. I was super frustrated and felt so lonely. All my friends are married and I just wanted some single friends to hang out with. I had tried time and time again to make friends in the ward. Every time I would talk to people they would either snub me or talk to me then and act like they never met me the next time I saw them. It was so miserable and I never wanted to go to church. We had even tried inviting people over to the house for dinners and games and we would have a blast here and then they wouldn’t talk to me at church.

I finally decided to give it one last effort and then I was giving up for good. We invited some people over that we wanted to get to know better for a BBQ. SO glad we did! It was so much fun. I had a blast with a girl named Kim that we invited. We were meant to be friends! She is so funny and so much fun to be around. Swear she is my new BFF! Love her to death. It is so great to have a friend to sit with on Sundays and to hang out with during the week. It has been great because she has introduced us to other amazing and fun people. It is so great being social again. Tiring as we have been staying out late, but SO much fun. Grateful for our fun new friends and the fun and exciting activities we have planned for the summer. It is going to be the best summer ever!!!

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I love my cute friend Amelia. We went to Steve’s wedding together and then went out to eat afterwards. It was so much fun to see her. It has been way too long since I’ve been able to see and hang out with her. Love her.

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